Company Profile

UBITECH is a leading, highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow the efficient and effective secure access and communication with various heterogeneous information resources and services, anytime and anywhere.

Our Vision and Corporate Motto

Established to deliver leading edge ubiquitous secure technologies, intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and governmental bodies, UBITECH was founded with the vision to enable “secure access to any service, data and information anytime, anywhere“, providing its customers and business partners with robust, extensible and customizable security-enhanced solutions for information sharing, data exchange, services invocation and communication.

Our Business Activities and Professional Services

UBITECH activities and professional services can be summarized in the following categories:

European and National Co-funded Research Programs

  • Participation in research activities and projects, co-funded by the European Union’s 6th, 7th and Horizon 2020 Framework Programs for Research and Innovation (including the IST, ICT, HEALTH, IMI, AAL and Research for SMEs and SME Associations work-programmes);
  • Participation in research programs co-funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry for Development and by the Research Promotion Foundation of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

System Integration and Custom Software Development

  • Design and development of Integrated IT Solutions and Tailor-made Software, utilizing custom software development frameworks and including training, help-desk and software engineering outsourcing activities;
  • Design, development, customization, deployment and support of enterprise-driven custom software applications and solutions, e-business (B2B) and e-commerce (B2C) solutions, e-government (G2G, G2B and G2C) and e-health solutions, as well as brand new software products and services.

e-Services and e-Processes

  • Design and development of (transactional) portals exposing workflow-based e-services for customers, citizens and businesses;
  • Target Organizations: Public Administration and Central Government, Regional and Local Government, and Private Sector.

Technology Provision and IT Consulting

  • Combining emerging technologies (like Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Social Networks, Mobility, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, and Big Data Management) in order to help organizations to meet their business strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation;
  • Definition of the IT Strategy, Infrastructure and overall Enterprise Architecture required for organizations and enterprises to support the efficient and effective achievement of their business objectives, ensuring the end-to-end IT security across the organization;
  • Increase of the R&D capacity of business partners, staffing their project teams with the highly qualified and experienced research engineers of UBITECH who add value and ensure the robustness and success of the research and technological development process.