Our Corporate Story

Our Beginning

The idea for the creation of our company has its roots in late 2004, when the three co-founders of the company, all Electrical & Computer Engineering graduates from the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), met in the same laboratory of the N.T.U.A. where they performed their research for their doctoral thesis. There, the common technological challenges of their studies reinforced their cooperation, while their common dreams and aspirations led them to create in May 2005 an innovative IT company called «UBITECH».

Beyond their passion, enthusiasm and desire for new technologies, the co-founders’ belief that the emerging “ubiquitous computing technologies” would form the basis of business applications of the future, constituted common ground for the creation of UBITECH.

Our Early Steps

Over the next few months, the company’s co-founders start working as a team undertaking a series of subcontracts in projects and ensure the resources needed for the foundation of the company and the viability of the first operation period. In October 2005 UBITECH is formally founded, acquiring legal status, and within the first year of operation the company makes the money needed for the rental of the company’s offices in Agia Paraskevi (Athens, Greece), where the company is still located, since early 2007.

Discrete and Flexible Organisational Structure

Since its foundation, the company was administratively organized into three operational groups – each of which is coordinated by one of the three co-founders of the company. These groups are: a) The national and European grants utilisation and business development department, which undertakes the planning, writing and submission of proposals for co-funded research and development projects, b) the consulting services and project management department, undertaking the study, maturation and management of informatics projects, both in the public and in the private sector, and c) the research and development department undertaking the technical coordination and implementation of the aforementioned projects.

Scientifically Potent Human Capital

UBITECH workforce consists of qualified engineers and university graduates with a degree in computer engineering, computer science and informatics, while the majority of which also hold a master’s degree. All company executives have high technological expertise, and specialized know-how in the new Information and Communication Technologies, both at research as well as at commercial application level.
Despite the fact that the company, in its infancy, had minimum own funds, and operates in a market which during the last few years meets recession, UBITECH has managed to systematically avoid getting loans by continuously increasing its capital adequacy and liquidity.

Creation of a pan-European Partnership Network.

The course of UBITECH involves a lot of hard work, difficulties and challenges, both for the company co-founders, as well as for its executives and workforce. During the first years of the company’s operation, UBITECH is involved in several important IT projects, which the company’s human resources implement and deliver successfully. In these projects, the company is initially involved as a subcontractor, and later as a full member in European consortia, acquiring significant and invaluable experience and technological know-how,.

The continued activation of the company both in Greece as well as at European and international level, and the continuous launch of new projects, either as a full member of consortia or as an official subcontractor, bring significant research and development experience combined with the creation and strengthening of a Europe-wide network of partners.

Establishment of the Company’s European Presence

Since 2005, UBITECH has successfully implemented and delivered more than thirty (30) IT projects that have either been subcontracted to the company by clients from the company’s business portfolio, or been claimed by the company as a consortia partner. A bunch of more than twenty (20) projects that are currently underway or being negotiated, some stand out as very important and highlight the company’s competitiveness at a European level.

Our Next Steps

Having as its basis the rich and innovative technological expertise and know-how, along with the strong partnerships with major international new technologies oriented companies, UBITECH is carefully, yet with strong extroversion, planning its future steps.

Utilizing the potential of its human resources, UBITECH, aims at claiming and implementing even more national, European as well as international IT projects, demonstrating that the major asset of Greece is the high level, quality and potential of its human resources. UBITECH, starting out as a group of N.T.U.A. graduates is currently evolving with European and international growth, highlighting and paving the way of extroversion to many other ambitious Greek engineers.