Secure Data Exchange Platform

XCHANGE: A Platform for the Secure Electronic Exchange of Documents and (Un)Structured Data

Capitalizing on our significant experience from the implementation of large-scale Information Technology and Research & Development projects in Europe, UBITECH has implemented a software platform that allows the secure interchange of structured and unstructured documents and data among trusted partners (e.g. individuals, enterprises, organizations, regions, countries).

Our software platform, called XCHANGE, integrates a powerful Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that is called EJBCA and has been the preferable choice of several European governments and ministries, such as the French Ministries of Finance and Defense, as well as the National Swedish Police Board. As a result, XCHANGE realizes several security mechanisms, including the digital signature on the created documents and data files, the asymmetric encryption of the digitally signed documents, and the users’ single sign-on using digital certificates, for ensuring the data integrity and the avoidance of any kind of frauds (e.g. impersonation, etc.). Due to the needs of our customers, we currently interoperate with different PKI Certification Authorities (CAs), and we have the capability to smoothly integrate and synchronize existing PKI structures in our system (without having the need to duplicate the user accounts or any LDAP registries of the involved parties and stakeholders).

Integrating a sophisticated programmable design studio, the XCHANGE platform allows the definition of documents templates and data structures, facilitating the automated generation of web forms (with consolidated validation rules) for the end-users to fill in, as well as the automated creation of PDF files following a specific document template and rendering the data that the user has imported in the respective web form. Therefore, the process of the creation, management, revision and transmission of structured and unstructured documents is fully automated, following the validation rules and the operational procedure defined by the customer.

The basic features of the XCHANGE platform include:

  • the creation of machine-interpretable manuscript formats, document templates and data schemas, which can be easily rendered as Web forms (for users’ input) and transformed into standardized PDF documents (complying to specific a template and format),
  • the support of multilingualism (if required by the customer) with regard to the labels of all web forms and web pages dynamically generated, as well as to the end-users’ input in the web forms,
  • the enforcement of an automated installation procedure of all required software modules at the end-users’ personal computers, which overcomes the heterogeneity of the existing technology infrastructure and operating systems, without compromising security,
  • the sophisticated security mechanisms, ensuring end-users’ authentication, authorization and confidentiality, as well as data integrity of the exchanged information and non-repudiation.

The ubi:eXchange platform could be tailored and customized for your specific organization’s needs, integrated to your existing software systems and infrastructure, so as to support the secure, workflow-based interchange of digitally signed data and documents of any type, between any parties.