Our IT Services

UBITECH is a leading, highly innovative company, established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow the efficient and effective access and communication with various heterogeneous information and services, anytime and anywhere.

The IT services the company provides can be divided into the following categories:

Custom Application Development Services

UBITECH specializes in developing custom software applications that meet the specific needs of its clients and drive their business processes. Combining in-depth technical and industry experience, UBITECH develops innovative custom software application solutions that best meet clients’ most complex business needs, budget, schedule, and existing IT infrastructure.

System Integration Services

UBITECH offers comprehensive third party integration services to help clients enhance efficiency at their organizations, while saving time and money. UBITECH software application integration services include planning and assessment, implementation, integration, configuration, and customization of a variety of third party software tools.

IT Consulting Services

UBITECH IT consulting services span from technical consulting including evaluation of current, legacy implementations and enhancements recommendations, to evaluation and needs assessment, selecting the appropriate technology and tools, project management solution, and development of the complete end-to-end custom application design and development.

Quality Assurance Services

UBITECH invests in the quality of the services it provides. Towards this end, the company combines technological expertise and know-how with a strong business focus so as to develop and deliver effective and efficient solutions to solve business challenges or exploit new business opportunities through the use of technology. The Quality Assurance processes supported by the company include on the one hand Software Quality Assurance processes and on the other hand Risk Management services.

Support & Maintenance Services

UBITECH strongly supports its clients by offering a wide range of software support and maintenance services to ensure that the delivered software runs smoothly and in full accordance with its clients’ requirements. The full range of support and maintenance services the company provides encompass activities from bug fixing, troubleshooting, application upgrades and enhancements, training, product performance support, and more. The aforementioned services are divided into two main bouquets of services, namely IT Support services and IT maintenance services.