UBITECH’s organizational structure is meticulously designed to align with our strategic business objectives, focusing on expansion and exceptional service delivery to our clients and business partners. Our structure is characterized by its efficiency, innovation, and adaptability, ensuring we meet and exceed the evolving needs of the industries we serve. Below is an overview of our organizational framework, reflecting our commitment to excellence and leadership in technology and business solutions.

Board of Directors: At the pinnacle of our organization, the Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction and governance, ensuring alignment with our core values and mission.

Research Division: The Research Division is at the heart of our innovation, consisting of specialized units dedicated to advancing technology and creating sustainable solutions across various sectors.

Business Division: The Business Division propels our growth and market presence through steering innovation and delivering solutions that meet our clients’ business needs, as well as specializing in guiding organizations through digital transformation journeys.

Products Division: The Products Division is responsible for the development and management of proprietary products and platforms, including:

– Ai Labs: Innovating in machine/deep learning, generative AI and LLM-based applications.

– Codevelop: LLM-based digital assistant throughout the software development lifecycle.

New Ventures Division: Our New Ventures Division explores and establishes new business frontiers, including:

– QUBITECH: Focusing on quantum computing and photonics technologies.

– UBITECH Energy: Specializing in electrical power and energy systems.

– Startup Ecosystem: Nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for startup collaboration and growth.

Operations Support: Essential operational support functions ensure our organization runs smoothly and efficiently, including Business Administration, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, and Marketing & Communication.

Our organizational structure is designed to ensure a clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities, facilitate decision-making, promote the continuous exchange of knowledge, and effectively address business challenges. This structure supports our mission to lead with innovation, deliver exceptional services, and create sustainable value for our stakeholders.