Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at UBITECH: A Commitment to Excellence, Growth, and Unity

At UBITECH, our dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is woven into the fabric of our operations, reflecting our commitment to excellence, growth, and unity. Through a series of strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and internal policies, we strive to make a positive impact on society, support our employees, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Supporting Athletes and Champions

UBITECH proudly sponsors young, passionate athletes, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and the promotion of health and well-being. Since 2023, we have been a sponsor of Evaggelia Platanioti and Sofia Malkogeorgou, two remarkable athletes who have achieved global recognition in artistic swimming. This sponsorship underscores our belief in supporting individuals who embody the principles of dedication, perseverance, and excellence.

Promoting Education and Innovation

In 2023, UBITECH established a new partnership with The American College of Greece (ACG), the oldest American-accredited college in Europe. Our support for the Pierce East Campus Track and Field Stadium and the creation of the “AI Club at Pierce powered by UBITECH” exemplifies our commitment to education, innovation, and the development of future leaders. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to excel academically and professionally.

Cultivating Culture and Community

UBITECH has also demonstrated its commitment to culture and community by being one of the Official Supporters of the Greek National Theatre from 2008 to 2011. By offering custom-made software infrastructure, we helped the organization reduce costs and improve efficiency, showcasing our dedication to supporting the arts and cultural heritage.

Fostering Cybersecurity Excellence

Since 2017, UBITECH has been a Diamond Sponsor of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team, participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge, while, since 2022, UBITECH has been a Platinum Sponsor of Team Europe, participating in the International Cybersecurity Championship and winning its first two editions (2022 & 2023). These partnerships reflect our commitment to enhancing digital security, promoting educational opportunities in cybersecurity, and supporting the development of the next generation of cybersecurity experts. By investing in this area, we contribute to a safer digital environment for all.

Creating an Innovative and Supportive Workplace

At UBITECH, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to creating an innovative workplace that promotes work-life balance, continuous learning, and team spirit. Initiatives such as a comprehensive health insurance program, a generous vacation scheme, flexible working hours, and continuous training opportunities reflect our dedication to the well-being and development of our team. These policies not only enhance the performance and satisfaction of our employees but also contribute to the overall success of our company.

Our CSR initiatives are a testament to UBITECH’s enduring commitment to making a positive impact on society, supporting our employees, and contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future. By championing athletes, fostering educational and cybersecurity excellence, promoting culture, and creating a supportive workplace, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.