Social Responsibility

UBITECH tries to enforce as much as possible its policies and initiatives in terms of social awareness.

Firstly, promoting culture, UBITECH is one of the Official Supporters of Greek National Theatre for the last four (4) consecutive years by offering a specific software infrastructure (custom-made) trying to cover its personnel needs, reduce the costs of the organization. The specific sponsorship demonstrates UBITECH’s willingness to provide its services in favor of the social and cultural environment it operates.

As far as the environment is concerned, UBITECH is in partnership with that provides the complete set of servers’ infrastructure for its projects and their prototypes. Taking under consideration that Lease Web is committed to sustainable green hosting to minimize energy usage and eliminate wasteful consumption, UBITECH is trying its environmental friendliness. We are strongly participating in environmental-neutral projects trying to minimize any possible emissions deriving from our activities. Additionally, we established and continue to support a recycling initiative, in order to promote environmental-friendly activities.

Finally, UBITECH is trying to constitute even an innovative workplace. We are actively engaging our employees in several of our activities in order to achieve high-levels of participation, leading to the comprehension of the business processes that should be followed. Furthermore, UBITECH is currently in the process of initiating a health insurance programme for the complete set of employees, as well as we have adopted a vacation scheme of 6-weeks per year since we believe that our personnel need to significant time of relaxing in order to increase their performance. Additionally, we are investing in building a strong team spirit, so as to maintain a high-motivation level.