Corporate R&D

Technology innovation constitutes the lifeblood of UBITECH. We are continuously seeking and validating new, emerging technologies, developing new ideas, concepts and solutions, and improving existing software applications and products for vertical markets or for addressing specific end-users’ needs. UBITECH R&D team is engaged in developing, integrating, deploying, piloting, demonstrating and evaluating innovative technologies, utilities, features and processes, transferring technological know-how to end-user organizations and adapting breakthrough solutions to end-users’ demands.

UBITECH R&D team participates in large, multidisciplinary consortiums in complex and highly-innovative projects, including experts from universities, research institutes and industry across the enlarged Europe, which partner to provide research, technology integration and skilled project management. UBITECH R&D team members can demonstrate strong involvement in EC and National (i.e. Greek and Cypriot) co-funded research programmes, though the design, development and implementation of research and technological development instruments. As a matter of fact, according to the aggregated data reported by the National Documentation Centre of Greece with regard to the “Participation of Greece in the Information and Communication Technologies Programme of the 7th Framework Programme 2007-2013”, UBITECH ranks 11th among all Greek enterprises (9th among Greek SMEs) in the “top organizations by funding” list concerning the FP7-ICT related grants in the whole FP7 covering the period 2007-2013.

UBITECH performs applied research in the areas of Cloud Computing, Software and Services; 5G Technologies; Digital Security, Big Data and Analytics; Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things; Energy Efficiency; Factories of the Future; e/m-Health. UBITECH has a strong a focus on the integration and interoperability of information technology solutions and applies its research results to solve problems in various application-oriented projects in several domains (included but not limited to Life Sciences and e-Health, Ambient Assisted and Independent Living, e-Government and Policy Modelling, Lifelong Education and Technology-enhanced Learning, e-Culture, e-Business and Networked Enterprise, Digital Factories, Security and Environmental Management).

Additionally, UBITECH capabilities, in the frame of research projects, include: technical evaluation of new technologies and tools, multidisciplinary consortia development, innovation planning and strategic management, innovative complex architectures design, rapid prototyping, innovative solutions development, integration, testing, deployment and pilot operation, technology mediation, large-scale demonstrators, technical support and on-site operations, market research, intellectual property rights management, market analysis, exploitation and commercialization planning.