Human Capital

In UBITECH there are no employers vs. employees. UBITECH has only colleagues participating in its activities and operations. The real fuel and energy behind our company’s growth and success comes from our people, who constitutes our key competitive and comparative advantage. The major factor of success is the cohesion of our personnel. Personnel highly inspired and highly trained and educated. Everyone in UBITECH believes in the team spirit, which has to be cultivated and shared. The flexible and concrete team structure is the major asset and factor of success of UBITECH’s business pathway. Thus, our key strategy concerning our human capital is based on the slow pace of personnel growth in order to achieve high rates of adaptability. The newcomers need to become “real members” of UBITECH family. The prerequisite for a new member acquisition is the solidity of the current UBITECH’s team structure, based on the common vision and business principles transplanted to all the members of our team.

Our qualified team is composed of information technology, computer science and software engineering professionals, most of them with post graduate studies and outstanding experience in large-scale IT project management, execution and delivery.

Human Resources Table (educational levels based on the ISCED 2011 classification):

Educational Level Description Percentage
ISCED 8 Doctoral or equivalent 31,6 %
ISCED 7 Master of equivalent 31,6 %
ISCED 6 Bachelor of equivalent 36,8 %