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UBITECH kicks off the XR5.0 Research and Innovation Action on human-centric, AI-enabled XR applications for Industry 5.0

UBITECH participates at the kick-off meeting hosted by GFT (February 20 & 21, 2024) in Milan, Italy of the XR5.0: “Human-Centric AI-Enabled Extended Reality Applications for the Industry 5.0 Era” Innovation Action, officially started on January 1st, 2024. The project is funded by the European Commission (Grant Agreement No. 101135209) and spans on the period January 2024 – December 2026. XR5.0 will build, demonstrate, and validate a novel Person-Centric and AI-based XR paradigm that will be tailored to the requirements and nature of I5.0 applications. In this direction, the project will specify structuring principles and blueprints for using XR in I5.0 applications with emphasis on the development of innovative “XR-made-in-Europe” technology that blends with human-centric manufacturing technologies and adheres to European values.

The XR5.0 applications will consider the characteristics and context of the worker based on the integration of human-centred digital twins (DTs) that comprise the “digital image” of the worker. At the same time, XR5.0 will design and implement a unique blending of XR technology and advanced AI paradigms, including AI technologies that foster the interplay between humans and AI such as explainable AI (XAI), Active Learning (AL), Generative AI (GenAI), and neurosymbolic learning. The XR5.0 technologies will be coupled with a cloud-based XR training platform for Operator 5.0 applications, which will enable ergonomic and personalized training of industrial workers on popular processes.

Within XR5.0, UBITECH will create a comprehensive Reference Architecture (RA) for XR applications in I5.0, which will specify the structuring principles and building blocks of the AI-based, personalized XR5.0 solutions. The RA will address the unique challenges of I5.0 applications, while ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with existing industrial systems, building on existing standards-based RAs for AI systems and industrial systems (e.g., RAMI 4.0, IIRA, ISO/JTC AI architecture).

Moreover, UBITECH will contribute in (i) the development and integration of XAI models within XR solutions; (ii) the integration of AI and neurosymbolic AI models/interactions with XR interfaces; (iii) the development of generative AI interfaces for XR5.0 applications; (iv) the development of the solutions for visualizing AI explanations and recommendations. Last but not least, UBITECH will drive the integration of the XR5.0 technologies to the EU XR platform.