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Excellent final review for the Linked2Safety project

The Linked2Safety project ended successfully in September 2014, and was graded excellent in its final review that took place in Brussels in November 2014. The Linked2Safety project concerned the development of a Next-Generation, Secure Linked Data Medical Information Space for Semantically-Interconnecting Electronic Health Records and Clinical Trials Systems Advancing Patients Safety In Clinical Research.

Within the context of the project, UBITECH was in charge of the development and validation of the so-called “EHR Revision, Annotation and Enrichment Mechanism”, which comprises of a set of utilities for extracting and generating standardized and fully anonymized data cubes out of homogenized Electronic Health Records, for reassuring the quality and clinical value of the generated data cubes, for ensuring the protection and anonymity of the personal data aggregated in the generated cubes, for enriching the data cubes with semantic information and ontological concepts, as well as, for RDFizing the semantically enriched data cubes and publishing them as Linked Data Cubes.

Additionally, UBITECH led the implementation of the integrated Linked2Safety Platform’s security and decision support mechanisms and the overall software quality assurance activities, and significantly contributed to the development of the common EHR schema and semantic model, to the development of the technical specification of the internal design of the “Interoperable EHR Space”, to the design, modeling and implementation of the “Linked Data Space” components, as well as to the dissemination of the project results and the communication of Linked2Safety results to other initiatives.