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First, interim review of the XMANAI Research & Innovation Action

The first, interim review of the XMANAI Research & Innovation Action with the Project Officer from the European Commission and the external reviewers was virtually held on the 20th of January 2022. During the meeting, the WP leaders and relevant Task leaders presented the progress of the project and the key outcomes of the first 12 months of project. During the meeting, the consortium received constructive feedback from both the Project Officer and the external reviewers that acknowledged the project’s advancements and the outstanding work carried out during this first period of the project.

XMANAI aims to design, develop and deploy a novel Explainable AI Platform powered by explainable AI models that inspire trust, augment human cognition and solve concrete manufacturing problems with value-based explanations. Within this context, UBITECH, as the leader of the XMANAI platform’s continuous integration activities, presented the reference architecture of the platform, as well as the overall technical details of the layers and services bundles of the XMANAI platform’s architecture. Moreover, UBITECH, presented the details of the designed 4 core platform’s workflows, the design specifications of the 12 components that compose the platform’s Services Bundles as well as the details of the designed four manufacturing applications that will leverage the platform’s functionalities.

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