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InGov Project: 1st successful Review Meeting

The first review of the inGov project, held virtually on the 3rd of March, was completed with great success. In a collaborative atmosphere, the consortium members had the opportunity to present to their EU Project Officer and reviewers their achievements and results during the first year of the project. The participants discussed the project’s overall research objectives and expectations, and how the project was designed to address these in terms of its overall structure and orientation. Overall the good work of the consortium for the first project period was pointed out, while the evaluators expressed their high hopes and expectations for the project.

With public service provision being at a high position in the European political agenda in recent years,  the main vision of the inGov project is to provide innovative ICT-supported governance models, which will enable stakeholders’ collaboration in co-producing inclusive and accessible Integrated Public Services (IPS) thus increasing trust and satisfaction. To this end, the inGov Consortium aims at adopting and adapting frameworks, conceptual models, roadmaps, and tools that have been proposed by the EU in order to enable and support interoperability and reusability of public services and public sector’s information systems, while building  on stakeholder engagement and co-creation.

As technical partners of the project, UBITECH presented the first release of the Reference Architecture and  ICT tools of the project that were developed drawing upon the first release of the IPS holistic framework. UBITECH’s work focused on the definition of the inGov ICT architecture and related tools that will support IPS co-creation and governance models, and is based on emerging IT paradigms for accessible mobile and apps and visual assistants’ development. 

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