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QUBITECH participates, as associated partner, in ENTRUST, securing identity management and remote authentication of connected medical devices with PUF-based crypto primitives

Engaged as UBITECH’s Linked Third Party, QUBITECH participates in the ENTRUST Research and Innovation Action, funded by European Commission under Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101095634), that aims to design, implement, and validate a comprehensive trust management architecture for medical devices that manage private patient information and sensitive healthcare functions, to strengthen trust and cybersecurity mechanisms within the entire medical ecosystem.

In particular, ENTRUST seeks to address the current lack of cyber security implementations in the extensively proliferated connected medical devices (CMDs) of the healthcare domain, without interfering with their wide applicability. The project intends to employ a range of state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the security posture and ensure end-to-end trust management of medical devices considering the latest technological advancements as well as their operational requirements.

Within the framework of ENTRUST, QUBITECH will address the need for secure remote authentication of medical devices handling sensitive user information and data. To this end, we will investigate the possibility of PUF crypto primitive devices based on the concept of physical unclonable functions or one-way functions that will be utilized as a novel root of trust within the healthcare ecosystem.

In the context of the project, QUBITECH will assess the suitability and integrability of state-of the art implementations ranging from pure electronic solutions and pure photonic based solutions to synergetic applications of both cases operating in tandem. Accounting for the compatibility and interconnectivity with existing medical systems and the dynamic cybersecurity architectural design of ENTRUST, QUBITECH will develop, and validate a novel root of trust optoelectronic device that will be utilized for the requirements of the project.