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Successful 1st Review for the FALCON Research Project

The FALCON consortium successfully demonstrated the results of the first 18 months during the first project review on 7th of July at the European Commission in Brussels. These results included the first release of all prototypes comprising the FALCON Virtual Open Platform that capitalizes on user experiences and user data collected via the Internet of Things and social media for improvement of product-service systems. The primary objective of the Virtual Open Platform is to seamlessly connect product-service usage information to design and development processes, facilitating: (a) gathering customer feedback though social media; (b) collecting usage information through Product Embedded Information Devices (e.g. sensors, embedded systems); (c) comprehensive processing of the collec­ted data and customer feedback; and (d) deployment of identified information in the product-service development phase. In the course of the review meeting, UBITECH has presented the main results and findings the work-package that UBITECH leads, i.e. WP2 entitled “Data Collection, Extraction and Sharing”, and proceeded with a live demonstration of the already implemented data collection software infrastructure incorporating a set of mechanisms (wrappers) for data, streams, information and knowledge gathering from sensors, devices and social media, as well as of an analytics toolkit for generating business intelligence insights on top of the aggregated datasets.