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Successful interim review for the CyberSANE Innovation Action

The virtual mid term review of the CyberSANE H2020- 833683 project was successfully held by the European Commission on the 13th of April 2021. UBITECH presents the integrated Dark Web Crawler and Cybersecurity Data Analytics Services (DarkNet) introducing novelties in the area of textual analysis, data cleansing and cyber-concepts mining and heatmap correlations from dark web sites and unstructured text. The cybersecurity analytics services incorporated in DarkNet are part of the MEDUSA Cyber Web Intelligence Platform developed within the UBITECH Team. The CyberSANE project tackles a variety of cyber-security incidents and introduces advanced techniques and tools (e.g. social engineering techniques and identification of zero-day exploits, etc.) in the area of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs). The increased usage of information technology in modern CIIs means that they are becoming more vulnerable to the activities of hackers and other perpetrators of cyber-related crime (cyber criminals). These activities and cyber-threats employ multiple technologies and malware, deployed in multiple stages, to bypass traditional security mechanisms in order to penetrate an organization’s defenses. The attack vectors vary significantly including Application-Layer, Social Engineering Unauthorized Access, Malicious Code, Reconnaissance and Networking-based service attacks targeting applications, host, client operating systems, and networking equipment. The CyberSANE project proposes a state of the art solution that improves the detection and analysis of cyber-attacks and threats on CIIs and increases the knowledge on the current cyber threat landscape. Additionally, CyberSANE supports human operators (such as Incident Response professionals) to dynamically increase preparedness, improve cooperation amongst CIIs operators, and adopt appropriate steps to manage security risks, report and handle cyber-security incidents. Through the DarkNet component, CyberSANE is able to identify compromised assets or information by monitoring and analysing Dark Web communities. This enables security professionals and experts to identify attacks before they even happen, providing them with the opportunity to manage and close vulnerabilities in their organizational infrastructure, or even strengthen technical controls pre-emptively. DarkNet allows the exploitation and analysis of security, risks and threats related information, embedded in the User Generated Content (UGC), via the analysis of both the textual and meta-data content available from various electronic streams. For more info please visit