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UBITECH co-edits MDPI Sensors Special Issue on Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things

As Guest Editor, Dr Thanassis Giannetsos, Head of Digital Security and Trusted Computing Research Group of UBITECH, co-edits a Special Issue on Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things for the Sensors journal – the leading international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on the science and technology of sensors, published semimonthly online by MDPI. This Special Issue will focus on advanced IoT cybersecurity technologies that not only take into account the per-device security but also their grid-interconnected network as a whole towards establishing “communities of trust”. Its main target is to modernize the approach of cybersecurity in IoT schemas with outreaches to edge and fog computing.

Technical contribution papers, industrial case studies, and review papers are welcome. Topics can include (but are not limited to): Traditional and IoT cybersecurity; Access control, authentication, and authorization; Trust establishment, relationships and propagation, and reputation systems; Attestation technologies and decentralized roots-of-trust; Key management and key recovery; Control-flow binary tracing and RISC-V security; Trusted execution environments and/or TPM security applications in IoT networks; Security in smart grid; Security in edge and fog computing; Usable security and privacy in IoT; Formal verification of security protocols; Data protection in transit and in storage for IoT networks; Blockchain-based cybersecurity applications; Cryptographic trust anchors for secure on- and off-chain knowledge management and data sharing; Malware detection and propagation; Adversarial machine learning; Intrusion detection; Efficient cryptography.

The deadline for manuscripts submission is on December 21, 2021. For more, info please visit