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UBITECH coordinates TraCEREAL – a new research action on cereal supply chain quality control

UBITECH’s Robotics & Cognitive Systems (RCS) Research Group leads the collaborative research project TraCEREAL, that will result in a Comprehensive Cereal Supply ChainQuality Control and Decision Making Framework for the Cypriot ecosystem. The 24-month TraCEREAL project is funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) of the Republic of Cyprus, in the frame of the CODEVELOP-AG-SH-HE/0823 Call for proposals of the “CO-DEVELOP” research and innovation programme. The TraCEREAL project is dedicated to investigating how Blockchain technology, in conjunction with advanced IoT capabilities, can contribute to the establishment of resilient supply-chain operations within Cyprus. The project’s objective is to develop and showcase a functional prototype system composed an intelligent algorithmic framework, seamlessly integrated with IoT technology, that can assist policymakers and industry stakeholders in constructing more resilient cereal supply chains tailored to the specific needs of Cyprus.

Specifically, TraCEREAL aims to achieve the following:

1. Elevate Product and Process Quality with Blockchain: Pioneering a novel data-driven seed certification system, underpinned by the power of Blockchain technology, to safeguard and guarantee the quality of seeds used in Cyprus’ cereal supply chain.

2. Ensure Transparent Information Sharing: Dedicated to ensuring the availability and transparency of critical information for all stakeholders involved in Cyprus’ cereal supply chain. This will be accomplished through the provision of a secure, end-to-end, and decentralized framework, facilitating efficient data sharing.

3. Proactive Risk Management: To provide a sophisticated AI-enabled algorithmic framework that will be capable of utilizing the blockchain’s data to predict and quantify supply-chain risks.

4. Adopt International Standards for Sustainability: Pursue the goal of making Cyprus’ cereal supply chains more open, interoperable, and technologically sustainable, in alignment with globally recognized international standards and vocabularies for information sharing and traceability.

5. Demonstrate Practical Viability: Validate the applicability and effectiveness of the Innovative TraCEREAL Integrated Platform through pilot implementations, tailored to the local context.