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UBITECH joins forces with Greener than Green Technologies for a good cause!

With current pressure on the availability of freshwater on the planet, as well as the increasing  demands for water resources, there is a need for fully integrated wastewater solutions that yield more sustainable and resilient systems. In light of the above, UBITECH in collaboration with Greener than Green Technologies (GtG) have entered the DigiCirc accelerator, a programme that promotes new digital technologies as useful tools to address the need for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable economy. The iReCirc team proposes an innovative mobile wastewater treatment unit, designed for the food processing sector, that integrates a multitude of highly adaptive and modular treatment techniques, that can selectively extract and subsequently isolate and purify, dissolved material of high value, and treat the remaining wastewater with a hybrid technology combining physicochemical and biological treatment methods, ready to be operated even by non-experts, with minimum human involvement.

Taking the technical lead of the solution, UBITECH has developed the iReCirc DSS Platform, an innovative holistic Waste Water Treatment (WWT) approach that combines static knowledge being originated from domain expertise and historical data as well as real time information that will be originated from IoT sensors, in order to provide suggestions and real-time recommendations both in the backward (goal driven) and in the forward (data driven) sense. Using Deep Learning and AI-empowered technologies, the iReCirc DSS Platform will monitor the measured sensor values and, using forecasting algorithms, will predict the future values of the variables being monitored. This information will be used by the DSS models to assign a rate to each of the possible uses of the wastewater (e.g., for irrigation, coolant etc.) together with an estimation of how these ratings will evolve in the immediate future. Backward reasoning on the other hand, will allow the specification desired usage (e.g., irrigation); the DSS will then give a rating of how good the monitored wastewater is for the desired usage along with suggestions of possible treatment actions to improve the quality of wastewater to meet the goal demands.

Lastly, the consortium has successfully completed the first tier at the end of March 2021 and is now preparing for the Demo Day which completes the second phase of the Accelerator, with an online pitching event to interested investors and experts, taking place on September 8th of 2021.