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UBITECH kicks off the ELEGANT Research and Innovation Action on Secure and Seamless Edge-to-Cloud Analytics

UBITECH participates at the virtual kick-off meeting hosted by EXUS (January 7, 2021) of the ELEGANT Research and Innovation Action, officially started on January 1st, 2021. The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon 2020 Programme (Grant Agreement No. 957286) and spans on the period January 2021 – December 2023. The vision of the ELEGANT project is to solve the ever-increasing problem of software fragmentation in the IoT/Big Data interoperability domain, proposing a novel software programming paradigm, along with an associated set of methodologies and toolchains, to program IoT and Big Data frameworks using a unified programming framework.

In particular, ELEGANT key proposed innovations are in the areas of: a) Light-weight application virtualization, b) Automatic code extraction compatible with both IoT and Big Data frameworks, c) AI-assisted Intelligent Orchestration, d) dynamic code motion, and e) advanced code verification and cybersecurity mechanisms, will enable the seamless operation of end-to-end IoT/Big Data complex systems. This way, users employing the ELEGANT software stack and methodologies will be able to seamlessly define the pareto-optimal point in the PESRD (Performance, Energy Efficiency, Security, Reliability, and Dependability) optimization space while the entire system will be able to dynamically adjust itself during execution.

Within ELEGANT, UBITECH drives the implementation of the cross-cutting development and management tools, incorporating an IDE plugin (e.g. for Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Che, or IntelliJ IDEA) that will assist Big Data application developers to use ELEGANT and Apache Flint operators as part of their code; a graphical drag n’ drop tool that enables users to describe Big Data applications topologies by selecting operators and corresponding cloud/edge/IoT devices, to validate the semantic correctness of these topologies and then seamlessly deploy them in cloud and edge resources based the decisions of ELEGANT orchestrator; a dashboard for monitoring and management of the applications will also be provided, in order to assist DevOps adopting ELEGANT to define policies that will set the performance/energy/security optimization space of their IoT/Big Data deployment; and the DevOps Operators’ Packaging and Management tool that allows operators to be packaged into .jar files and sent to the orchestrator for deployment.