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UBITECH participates at the 4th Summit on Gender Equality in Computing

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) organizes the 4th Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC’22), between June 16-17, 2022, that aims at promoting gender-equal access to the computer-related scientific frontiers, encouraging and educating women and men in an equal way to achieve their goals and utilize their potential in digital professions, as well as at celebrating and disseminating the achievements of computer professionals in a fair and gender-equal way.

UBITECH’s Cristina Stratigaki, Head of the company’s Project Management Office and Coordinator of the RAINBOW H2020 project, participated in GEC 2022 and presented a scientific poster entitled “The RAINBOW paradigm: An open and trusted fog computing platform”. The poster has given an overview of the scope of the RAINBOW action, that aims at extending the Cloud towards the IoT to achieve improved QoS and to empower latency-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry applications.

More specifically, RAINBOW responds to actual needs both of the majority of the industrial domains and of the public sector services as far as it concerns their digital transformation (enabling complement to the IoT and Edge and to the IoT and Cloud scenarios) towards a new era that has already started; an era that IoT devices are not considered just complementary equipment for collecting added-value data but have penetrated in the core of the business activities as irreplaceable tools for achieving efficiency, effectiveness and quality objectives.

For more info, you can download the poster here