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UBITECH sponsors the S^2 Hack4Energy energy-related hackathon in Thessaloniki

UBITECH supports and sponsors Hack4Energy event, the first energy related hackathon in Greece against energy-related security breaches. This two-day event takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece at October 23-24, 2019 and is organized by the SPEAR and SIT4Energy H2020 projects and is hosted on the premises of CERTH. As a matter of fact, the rapid progression of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) transforms the electrical grid into a new paradigm called Smart Grid (SG). This new reality offers valuable benefits such as distributed generation, self-monitoring, self-healing, pervasive control, two-way communication between utilities and energy consumers as well as better utilization of the existing resources. SG enables the development of smart energy-related applications, considering both efficiency potentials in the local energy production and consumption. However, at the same time, this revolution raises severe cybersecurity issues since SG is characterized by multiple heterogeneous and interconnected technologies. In this context, the SPEAR and SIT4Energy H2020 projects join forces towards co-organizing a hackathon event that will focus on innovative approaches on energy-related cyber-security and end-user engagement, respectively.

The event was split in 4 phases and tasks. Each phase had its own purpose and goal. A hackathon is an opportunity to stretch ourselves beyond our usual work and peek over the horizon into the future, a chance to develop new skills, take risks in a safe environment, experiment with emerging technologies, and expand our innovation toolbox for solving client problems. The contestants have been tested on the following energy-related security fields: cybersecurity data visual analytics, modern intrusion detection systems, mobile and pervasive computing, and wireless sensors data mining.

UBITECH showing its strong commitment to Energy Systems Security Domain joins this action also as a participant and is represented by Mr. Entso Veliou (Security Engineer) and Mr. Nikos Mourousias (Security Engineer and Member of Hellenic Cyber Security Team) to the event. Finally, special appreciation should be given to Professor Christos Xenakis (Leader of the Hellenic Cyber Security Team) for being part of this event and making the opening speech.