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UBITECH’s Thanassis Giannetsos talks about new attestation schemes at the TCG Members Meeting

In the frame of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Members physical meeting, that takes place in Washington, US, between 18-22 July 2022, Dr Thanassis Giannetsos, Head of UBITECH’s Digital Security & Trusted Computing Research Group, gives an invited talk about new attestation schemes, revocation scheme as well as the use of Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) for enhancing the level of assurance of a device’s wallet when managing and issuing verifiable credentials.

In this talk, Dr Giannetsos will be presenting UBITECHs’ latest activities in the field of trusted computing as it pertains to the design of novel attestation mechanisms and their use also in the SSI domain for enhancing the security of identity management schemes. For the former, focus will be given on the novel device integrity and control-flow verification schemes designed while also protecting the privacy against various implementation disclosure attacks (through the use of zero-knowledge) while for the latter our current work on leveraging hardware-based tokens and Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) for protecting the issuance and management of Verifiable Credentials will be presented.

Overall, the goal is to not only discuss the latest advancements in trusted computing but also highlight the need for such enhanced trust assessment in emerging application domains and use cases that further solidify the need to convert next generation smart systems into a chain of secure tokens with verifiable proof on their correct operation.