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We welcome QUBITECH in our research family

UBITECH joins forces with Quantum Photonics researchers, with over 20 years combined experience and a long track record in the design, development, conceptualization and implementation of experimental quantum technologies, quantum optics and quantum solid state devices in state of the art international and national research facilities and consortia, establishing QUBITECH in Athens, Greece.

As a matter of fact, QUBITECH leverages UBITECH’s established track record in informatics, software engineering, digital security and trusted computing, with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of modern quantum technology trends, applied quantum mechanics and quantum devices.

Building upon a thorough understanding of quantum solid state systems, quantum mechanics, experimental quantum configurations, algorithms and quantum computing platforms, QUBITECH envisions to become an active node in the emergent European quantum technology landscape, participating in the development of a wide range of disruptive photonic and quantum technologies, including quantum cryptography and communications; quantum light sources; quantum state characterization (quantum readout and detectors), quantum blockchain; quantum machine learning; analog photonic, classical and quantum simulators; photonic integrated circuits; and quantum control software.

QUBITECH is currently designing its own scalable optical quantum computing architecture proposition and quantum orchestration platform, aiming to realize, validate and evaluate them in the coming years.

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