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Mission accomplished: ASTRID Research and Innovation Action finally delivered

The final review of the ASTRID H2020 project, held virtually on the September 15th, 2021, was completed with success, marking the end of the three-year action. UBITECH successfully demonstrated its use case on secure Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications using the Kubernetes enabled MAESTRO orchestrator. During the project, UBITECH extended MAESTRO to utilize the community wide accepted Kubernetes orchestration engine, manage it through its dashboard and integrate the Security related plugins of MAESTRO with Kubernetes. Such Security related plugins are BPF, Vulnerability check, Traffic Monitoring, Packet interception, and System auditing.

UBITECH also on-boarded its Security Operation Center (SOC) tool to implement Complex Event Processing (CEP) on the event produced by the Security plugins and counteract based on the Security Policies that have been applied by the users of the platform. For more info about our latest release regarding a K8S-native security control plane based on eBPF programmability, please check our teaser at