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UBITECH is awarded the DOOR cascading grant contract from NGI eSSIF-LAB

UBITECH has participated at the competitive infrastructure-oriented open call of the EC funded eSSIF-Lab H2020 project (, that targets the provision of open source components, for example the SSI-Roles layer, the SSI Protocols or the Crypto layer, and was awarded with a cascading grant for implementing the DOOR project on hardware roots of trust. In particular, DOOR aims to extend the ESSIF-Framework by building a new component on the Holder side that enables the use of hardware-based keys and offers the possibility to bind Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to the wallet of the holder.

In this way, DOOR transfers the root of trust of the SSI ecosystem purely on the digital wallet by considering an underlying Trusted Component as part of the wallet, without making any assumptions on the trustworthiness of the other layers. The proposed component utilizes a privacy-preserving cryptographic protocol, namely Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) to provide verifiable evidence and assurances about the presented VC’s origin and integrity.

DOOR can now enforce that a VC can only be issued by an attested Issuer and that this VC is binded to the Holder’s device (wallet), overcoming the current limitations of bare proof-of-possession of a sw-based key. DOOR is agnostic of the wallet’s implementation and the underlying VC Data Model considered.

In the context of DOOR, UBITECH collaborates with Huawei Research Munich (non-funded partner) and Verifiable Credentials Ltd (subcontractor) for fully achieving the objectives of the grant.