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Successful review for the DataVaults H2020 project

The first, interim review of the DataVaults Innovation Action was virtually held today (September 17, 2021), wherein the consortium successfully presented the results of the work of the project during the first half of the project. DataVaults aims to deliver a novel framework and architecture that leverages personal data, coming from diverse sources to help Individuals construct their unified personal data hub, collect at a single point all of their personal data in a secure and trusted manner, and retain ownership and control on what to share and with whom, also receiving compensation for the artefacts they place at the disposal of other third parties.

By leading the project’s integration process, UBITECH contributed to the presentation of the alpha version of DataVaults. Also, among others, UBITECH provided the components related to the policy-compliant Blockchain infrastructure used for the secure logging and auditing of all data trading transactions and helped define the envisioned remote attestation schemes used.

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