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Successful first year review for 5G-INDUCE Innovation Action

The 5G-INDUCE project ( has successfully completed the technical review process for the first reporting period that included the activities of the initial 12 months of the project (out of its 36 month total duration). The consortium has presented the outcomes from the completion of the design phase of the project including the final 5G-INDUCE NetApp orchestration platform architecture, the definition of the NetApps for the 8 use cases, and the deployment plans of the industrial experimentation facilities.

UBITECH as technical coordinator of the project has provided an overview of the technical activities and achievements and explained the overall architecture as well as the detailed workplan for the implementation phase that follows. In addition, UBITECH together with CNIT has demonstrated the initial version and the key functionalities of the 5G-INDUCE platform, providing practical insight on the platform capabilities for the onboarding and management of the use cases’ NetApps.