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UBITECH’s Thanassis Giannetsos talks about Establishing and Managing trust in CCAM

Dr Thanassis Giannetsos, Head of UBITECH’s Digital Security & Trusted Computing Research Group, participated at the Dagstuhl Seminar 22042 on Privacy Protection of Automated and Self-Driving Vehicles, held on January 23-28, 2022, and talked about the security, privacy and trustworthiness key properties that need to be considered as we are moving towards the realization of the 5G C-V2X technology. In this context, converging all these properties by assessing dynamic trust relationships and defining a trust model and trust reasoning framework is of paramount importance; based on which involved entities can establish trust for cooperatively executing safety-critical functions.

This will enable both a) cybersecure data sharing between data sources in the CCAM ecosystem that had no or insufficient pre-existing trust relationship, and b) outsourcing tasks to the MEC and cloud in a trustworthy way. Beyond the needs of functional safety, trustworthiness management should be included in CCAM’s security functionality solution for verifying trustworthiness of transmitting stations and infrastructure. Compounding this issue, new schemes need to be designed that built upon and expand the Zero Trust concept: How to bootstrap vertical trust from the application, the execution environment and device hardware from the vehicle up to MEC and cloud environments.

For more info, please have a look at the given presentation