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Successfully delivery of the SPIDER Innovation Action on 5G cyber range

On 15 September 2022, the final review meeting of  SPIDER H2020 was held in Athens, Greece, with the physical presence of the majority of the Consortium partners as well as the external reviewers and the project officer from the European Commission side. The meeting was organized in hybrid form, allowing partners with restrictions on travel, to also join digitally. UBITECH was in charge of the technical coordination of the entire project activities, as well as task leader, responsible for the conceptualization and design of the platform architecture; development of the 5G threat knowledge base and incident repository; and integration as well as evaluation of the different components and interfaces of the SPIDER 5G Cyber Range.

Additionally, UBITECH developed and showcased a number of results, including several training scenarios executed through the SPIDER 5G Cyber Range infrastructure, such as the SMS Overhearing and the ORAN Controller exploitation. The final review meeting was a great success, presenting how SPIDER met in full the set objectives though demonstration of tangible results. The reviewers and the project officer were excited with the overall results of the project and provided interesting feedback and recommendations for future, post-project work.