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UBITECH ENERGY undertakes the technical coordination of the ENFLATE Innovation Action on consumer-centered energy markets flexibility

NOVA and UBITECH ENERGY co-host the kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece (September 14-15, 2022) of the ENFLATE Innovation Action, officially started on September 1st, 2022. The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101075783) and spans on the period September 2022 – August 2026. ENFLATE aims at developing and demonstrating in six demonstration campaigns across five countries, a collaborative platform of tools enabling consumer-driven business models for energy services, valorising their multi-vector flexibility potential, integrating them with other non-energy services (cross-industry services), like health and mobility ones.

In particular, ENFLATE will carry out pilots in demo sites in five dispersed European countries adapting to the local energy requirements, and will (i) enhance system flexibility by promoting the synergy among various energy vectors and additional cross-industry services (e.g., health, mobility), (ii) accelerate decarbonization strategies, through local energy management and promotion of local DERs, (iii) improve assets energy usage levels and cost-efficiency, (iv) test new market designs and business models for grid services that enable new revenue streams for consumers while (v) engaging all actors and consumers in the energy value chain coupled also with non-energy ones (e.g., quality of healthcare, comfort, mobility, emergency service for elderly people).

Within ENFLATE, UBITECH ENERGY undertakes the overall technical coordination and is responsible for describing the interactions and requirements for the various components of the ENFLATE ICT platform and data flows, including the interconnection with external, existing EU platforms, as well as, for implementing the software services constituting the ENFLATE Platform Data Management Layer, including the data management bus. Moreover, UBITECH ENERGY will provide the energy networks’ models for simulation studies in the various scenarios addressing the multi-vector characteristics.