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UBITECH co-hosts the upcoming TRUSTCHAIN PRIVÉ User-trial Workshop on the eIDAS 2.0 regulation and the demonstration of the PRIVÉ Wallet

UBITECH is happy to invite you to our upcoming event, hosted together with HomoDigitalis, as part of the PRIVÉ project. On February 13th, 2024, we will be hosting a hybrid webinar on eIDAS 2.0 regulation and the demonstration of our innovative PRIVÉ Wallet offering a secure, trusted and efficient identification process providing users with a seamless experience in online transactions The webinar will host three parallel events – two of them taking place physically in Athens (at UBITECH Office Building) and Heraklio, Crete (at Bizrupt, Vikela 34-36) while there will also be the possibility to join us remotely via Zoom. Go here to find out more on the event and register. Registration will be open till 11/02. Once registered, you will also be notified of the event’s Zoom link.

PRIVÉ envisions to revolutionize how digital identities are managed in Europe. Following all latest discussions in the context of eIDAS 2.0 trialogue, it becomes apparent that we need to equip the users with strong security and privacy-preserving mechanisms that can help them disclose only those identity attributes needed for conducting an online transaction with strong guarantees on the integrity of their claims. This is where PRIVÉ comes into play by building a trusted layer between interacting parties that is based on strong cryptographic privacy-preserving tools. It comes as an open-source library that can be added as an extension to any Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet to enable the use of hardware-based keys for protecting the management of user’s Verifiable Credentials.

This event will showcase our solution as a response to these pressing privacy issues and we will need your help to assess its user friendliness. The webinar will a unique, hands-on experience with the PRIVÉ Wallet, inviting attendees to engage directly with the technology through a real-life application scenario. We’re inviting you to be a part of its evolution. Your feedback on the wallet’s usability and insights into the factors influencing the adoption of EUDI wallets by European citizens will be invaluable.

So please join us to shape the future of digital identity in Europe. Registration is necessary through this link.