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UBITECH kicks off the ARISE Research and Innovation Action to propel AI and Robotics forward in Energy and Agriculture

UBITECH is excited to announce its participation in the kick-off meeting for the ARISE action: “Advanced AI and RobotIcS for autonomous task pErformance”. Hosted by TWI Hellas in Athens, Greece, on February 2, 2024, this initiative marks the beginning of a transformative journey that began officially on January 1st, 2024. Funded by the European Commission (Grant Agreement No. 101135959), the ARISE project spans four years, concluding in December 2027. Its mission is to develop a robotic platform tailored to the Energy and Agriculture sectors, crucial drivers for the European Green Deal’s progress. Specifically, ARISE will focus on automating tasks critical to Solar Panel installation, maintenance, and hydroponic lettuce harvesting.

ARISE promises to address some of the most challenging use case scenarios in the industry, including collaborative human-robot efforts in moving solar panels, delicate transplanting of lettuce, and repairing solar panels with advanced materials. These scenarios demand sophisticated solutions in long-sequence task accomplishment, complex manipulation, and physical Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

As a pivotal player in ARISE, UBITECH’s role will be to lead the development of end-user functional requirements, shaping the system specifications for the ARISE system. UBITECH will also contribute significantly to the hardware and software architecture design, focusing on robot knowledge introspection methodologies and creating explanatory narratives for long-term HRI tasks. This collaboration highlights UBITECH’s commitment to advancing AI and robotics technology, reinforcing its position as a leader in innovative solutions for the future.

For further information, insights, and updates on the ARISE project, follow the ARISE LinkedIn account: ARISE Robotics on LinkedIn.