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UBITECH implements mAiGreece, the LLM-based Mobile Digital Assistant for tourists visiting Greece

UBITECH is proud to announce the launch of the new mobile digital assistant mAiGreece – an innovative project that will revolutionize the experience of tourists visiting Greece. Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Ministry of Tourism, mAiGreece harnesses the power of Generative AI, LLMs, and Cloud Computing to provide an unparalleled level of service and convenience to travelers. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including Microsoft’s Azure Open AI, the application was designed following Responsible AI principles, ensuring transparency, fairness, and privacy protection. mAiGreece is a testament to UBITECH’s expertise in leveraging advanced technologies to create impactful solutions. This exciting project was conceived with a vision to enhance the overall tourist experience, offering a personalized and seamless journey for all visitors. From discovering hidden gems to accessing essential services, mAiGreece will become every traveler’s trusted companion.

With an impressive 31 languages supported, including Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Albanian, Hebrew, Arabic and Korean, and, of course, the 24 official EU languages, mAiGreece breaks down language barriers and provides a seamless user experience. Users can interact with the assistant through multiple channels, using either text input or speech-to-text, ensuring a highly interactive and intuitive interaction.

mAiGreece is crafted to deliver location-aware information, tailoring recommendations and suggestions based on the user’s geographical position. It acts as a trustworthy guide, offering insights into landmarks, monuments, beaches, and hidden gems across Greece. Whether users are interested in culture, history, or leisure activities, mAiGreece has them covered. The application also provides critical information on accident and emergency situations, guiding users to nearby healthcare facilities, including hospitals and health centers, ensuring swift access to assistance when needed. Additionally, mAIGreece offers a personalized travel planning experience, allowing users to create their own tailored itineraries based on their preferences and interests. Currently, mAiGreece can answer for: hospitals all over Greece, health centers throughout the country, embassies and consulates of foreign countries in Greece, police stations all over the country, beaches with Blue Flags, content from portal, concentrated FAQs, and museums all over Greece. Last but not least, mAiGreece includes the ability to send SMS to the Ministry of Civil Protection’s operations center via the 112 button, by sending the sender’s geographical location for immediate assistance.

The technology stack of mAiGreece consists of Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, GPT4 base model, huggingface sentence transformers, neural search enabled Opensearch, Microsoft Cognitive Services (for profanity and PII reduction), Quarkus for backend and React Native for mobile app development, ensuring a seamless experience across Android and iOS platforms.

UBITECH is responsible for the design, implementation and training of mAiGreece, working in collaboration with OTE (infrastructure provider), Accenture Greece (infrastructure management) and in strong partnership with Microsoft Greece team to deliver this highly promising result, respecting citizens’ privacy.

As a key contributor to the development of this groundbreaking application, UBITECH played a pivotal role in shaping the future of tourism in Greece. The company’s involvement included designing and implementing the AI models, ensuring a user-friendly experience, and aligning the project with the latest trends in digital transformation, and showcasing the potential of Generative AI and LLM technology in the tourism sector. Helping tourists effortlessly navigate the wealth of experiences Greece has to offer, and fostering an even greater sense of wonder and connection with our beautiful country, mAiGreece marks a significant milestone, positioning Greece as a leader in intelligent tourism and reinforcing the country’s appeal as a top travel destination.

The mobile application will be available for download at Google Play and Apple App Store from June 10th, offering a unique and tailored experience to anyone exploring the wonders of Greece.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we embark on a new era of intelligent and immersive tourism!

For more information, you can access the joint press release of Ministries of Digital Governance and Tourism here: