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UBITECH participates with three new Innovation Actions at the 5G PPP Webinar “5G Innovations for Verticals”

Three new innovative projects in the 5G sector, i.e. 5G-INDUCE, 5G-IANA and Smart5Grid, in which UBITECH and UBITECH Energy have strong and leading participation, have been presented today at the 5GPPP webinar. The webinar introduced the new ICT-41 projects funded under the topic of “5G innovations for verticals”. These three projects cover the deployment and showcasing of advanced Network Applications in different emerging vertical sectors related with Industry 4.0 (5G-INDUCE), Automotive (5G-IANA) and Energy (Smart5Grid). It is noted that UBITECH maintains the technical leadership in projects 5G-INDUCE and 5G-IANA and contributes among other with its unique Vertical Application Orchestrator solution adapted to the different requirements of the addressed vertical sectors.

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The presentations for the three aforementioned projects can be found in the following links: