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UBITECH undertakes the technical coordination of the ACROSS SNS JU Research and Innovation Action on automated zero-touch cross-layer 5G and beyond vertical services provisioning

UBITECH participated at the virtual kick-off meeting hosted by NOVA (January 10-11, 2023) of the ACROSS SNS JU Research and Innovation Action, officially started on January 1st, 2023. The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101097122), in the frame of the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking, and spans on the period January 2023 – December 2025. ACROSS designs and implements an end-to-end service deployment and management platform for next-generation networks and services, aiming at unprecedented levels of automation, performance, scalability, and energy efficiency.

At its basis, the ACROSS platform is built as a highly-distributed grid of domain-level orchestrators, spread across multiple geo-dispersed and potentially heterogeneous edge environments, overseen by a cloud-managed multi-domain orchestrator. The use of standardised communication interfaces fosters separation of concerns (events) between the two orchestration layers through an integration fabric which ensures compliance with ongoing standardisation efforts. The platform is further enhanced with a) deep end-to-end telemetry to unlock visibility of the intertwined network and compute system states, b) AI-driven intelligence that leverages both the vast number of events originating from the dense IoT ecosystem and detailed monitoring data originating from the ACROSS telemetry subsystem, to generate new insights, c) full-stack cross-domain zero-touch provisioning via programmable “hooks” that exploit events originating from raw telemetry and AI processed events, and d) secure and trusted orchestration mechanisms for trusted computing technologies over large and heterogeneous cloud-edge deployments, as well as orchestration and monitoring of the security VNFs.     

Within ACROSS, UBITECH undertakes the overall technical coordination and is responsible for the development of the deep end-to-end telemetry engine – an important substrate that empowers ACROSS with rich data for enabling AI across the entire cloud continuum, ranging from the various edge RANs, to distributed edge clouds, and core cloud infrastructures. Moreover, UBITECH heavily contributes towards the implementation of the ACROSS multi-domain end-to-end orchestrator as well as the ACROSS integration fabric – a message bus and API hub that prescribes the interfaces between the ACROSS multi-domain end-to-end orchestrator and the ACROSS domain orchestrators, including APIs for analytics, telemetry, AI, ZTP, and security & trust.