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UBITECH undertakes the technical coordination of the FIDAL SNS JU Innovation Action on field trials beyond 5G

UBITECH participated at the kick-off meeting hosted by NOVA in Athens, Greece (January 17-19, 2023) of the FIDAL SNS JU Innovation Action, officially started on January 1st, 2023. The project is funded by European Commission under Horizon Europe Programme (Grant Agreement No. 101096146), in the frame of the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking, and spans on the period January 2023 – December 2025. FIDAL targets the augmentation of human capabilities, allowing Media & PPDR vertical industry players to perform advanced technological and business validation in large-scale field trials of highly innovative and advanced applications, that exploit Evolved 5G technologies.

This, in turn, will provide extensive and valuable feedback to the broader industry, academia, innovators and community before wide commercial deployments of Evolved 5G networks throughout Europe. FIDAL key objective is to extend and deliver (i) advanced future proof Evolved 5G test infrastructures, anticipating evolution into next SNS phase, (ii) open & accessible to support 3rd party vertical experiments, (iii) test environments for rapid prototyping and large[1]scale validation of advanced, forward-looking applications.

Within FIDAL, UBITECH develops an AI-as-a-Service module oriented to support secure and intelligent experimentation regarding verticals deployment in the network, where FIDAL service orchestrator is operating. The service will provide a series of predictive analysis for vertical’s use tracking and network demand to forecast capacity, efficiently, as well as other KPIs identified. The approach will be able to effectively optimize resource orchestration while meeting vertical service requirements. Similarly, secure service conditions will be also targeted as specific KPIs in each vertical, so the generation of efficient and self-adapting predictive models, to forecast such security indicators, will support in the identification of anomalous and suspicious events that could happen in deployment and run time.

Moreover, UBITECH implements the orchestration layer of FIDAL platform including the interfaces and the extensions of the two building blocks of the Platform (Service Orchestrator and OSS/BSS). This so-called Cross Domain service orchestrator (VAO) which will offer (i) flexible service composition following cloud-native concepts (ii) coupled with beyond 5G policies/SLAs that will guide resource allocation across distributed infrastructures and the (iii) Cross Domain Slice Manager which will be responsible to provision and deliver the network slice to the Cross Domain service orchestrator, as well as for the whole  lifecycle of the slice to support the dynamic changes of resources in each domain.