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Successful midterm review for the InteropEHRate H2020 Research and Innovation Action in Luxembourg

The first contractual review meeting for the InteropEHRate H2020 co-funded research project ( took place in Luxembourg on February 13, 2020. InteropEHRate aims to support peoples’ health by opening them up new ways to make health data available where needed. To make this possible, key health data is managed in “patients’ hands”, i.e. through Smart EHRs (S-EHR) on mobile devices. Data is always transferred via highly secure channels including a direct device-to-device. The InteropEHRate consortium successfully presented the results of the work of the project during the first 12 months of project. UBITECH, as the leader of health record security and privacy protocols of the project, presented the security and privacy mechanisms adopted in InteropEHRate for both the remote and device-to-device protocols. These mechanisms include two variants for identity management (one of them utilizes qualified digital signatures for eIDAS regulation compliance), double-signed consent management and pluggable authentication based on Keycloak Identity and Access Management.