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Successful second review for STAR Research and Innovation Action

The second review of the STAR project (, funded under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework of the European Commission (Grant Agreement Nr 956573), was successfully held by the European Commission on the 14th of November 2022, assessing project’s goal towards Safe and Trusted Human Centric Artificial Intelligence in Future Manufacturing Lines. The STAR consortium successfully presented the outcomes, composed of tools aiming to deliver leading-edge AI technologies including explainable AI, active learning systems, simulated reality systems, human-centric digital twins, advanced reinforcement learning techniques and cyber-defense mechanisms.

UBITECH, as a work package leader, designs and develops the AI Cyber Defense component of STAR platform which safeguards the operation of the STAR AI systems and algorithms against advanced poisoning and evasion attack attempts. In addition, UBITECH presented the first version of the unified and integrated architecture of the AI Security and Data Protection layer of STAR which aims to offer security and data governance for AI-fueled production lines.

UBITECH and the STAR consortium partners look forward to the exciting next steps for the delivery of the full-fledged Security and Data Protection layer of the STAR!