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UBITECH drives the 2nd release of the InGOV ICT architecture and tools


The inGOV Research and Innovation Action aims to provide innovative ICT-supported governance models which will enable stakeholders’ collaboration in co-producing inclusive and accessible IPS. With that in mind and following the contractual obligations, UBITECH releases the 2nd version of the Reference Architecture developed the architectures and ICT platforms and tools, as well as emerging technologies for open data storage and access to support IPS co-creation and governance models and enable stakeholders’ collaboration in co-producing inclusive and accessible IPS.

The aforementioned methodology contains four iteration steps: (a) user needs and input is gathered; (b) the input is mapped into the architecture; (c) a new version of the software (design, functional mockups, or prototype according to the stage of development) is released; and (d) user input is gathered for both the architecture and the tools’ functionality. User satisfaction is rated according to KPIs and, more importantly, goals for the next release are set.

The developed tools are in active development and have produced prototypes at various stages depending on the pilot of the inGOV. Their evaluation process involved multiple iterative development schedules as well as a number of interviews with stakeholders and consumers of the inGOV platform for measuring the level of satisfaction.

For more information and details about the pilots’ tools, please visit the InGov project website at InGOV 2nd release of ICT architecture and tools – Milestone 4 – inGOV Project (