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UBITECH participates at the BDVA/DAIRO Data Week 2021 REGAIN workshop on circular digital transformation

UBITECH’s Danae Vergeti, Head of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing Research Group, participated as speaker and panellist at the REGAIN workshop, fostering “big data as key driver for circular digital transformation”, organized in the context of the BDVA/DAIRO Data Week 2021 that is held online from 25th to the 27th of May. The REGAIN Workshop aims to highlight opportunities for boosting data-driven circular practises towards innovative digital transformations. Under the triple-helix of activism – discovery – thinking, REGAIN will reveal new synergies potential for Data/AI and Green/Circular ecosystems along with the need for effective skill sets and business processes, as shaped by representatives from SMEs, social innovators, academia, and policy makers.

In particular, the REGAIN Workshop has a four fold focus: (a) to explore big data and open data value chains to leverage them and to enable a beneficial shift towards cautious circular economy; (b) to showcase Data Science and Data Technologies pipelines, platforms and tools which generate knowledge and provide insights for stakeholders’ awareness, business intelligence and decision-making with respect to the circularity importance; (c) to identify the data technologies digital skills and competencies that affect the emergence and effectiveness of circular economy practices in today’s business models and practices based on the opportunities offered by Big Data; and (d) to open collaboration and dialogues among key Green/Circular and Big Data/AI stakeholder communities (SMEs, start-ups, citizens, companies, academia, public sector) to encourage synergies and complementary actions to further increase awareness and adoption of circular economy practices.