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UBITECH presents Int5Gent at the 5G-PPP Webinar on the New 5G Core Technologies Innovation Projects

The technological concept of the Int5Gent holistic 5G system platform has been presented today at the 5G-PPP webinar introducing the New 5G Core Technologies Innovation Projects. The Int5Gent presentation, that has been delivered by the project’s technical manager Dr Dimitris Klonidis from UBITECH, has highlighted the main objectives and innovations of the Int5Gent project. In particular, Int5Gent envisions a solution that provides a holistic 5G end-to-end system approach through the development of an integrated platform that spans over a) innovative fronthaul connectivity technologies at the data plane, b) efficient and standardized network resource management and network interconnection solutions at the network control plane, and c) intelligent service deployment and management through UBITECH’s Vertical Application Orchestrator (VAO) at the service layer. Thus, Int5Gent constitutes one of the unique attempts in 5G activities that merges together solutions over different layers thus offering a complete 5G platform for experimentation at both the data and service layer.

More info about this 5G-PPP webinar that presented the 8 new 5G Core Technologies projects joining the 5G-PPP to accelerate innovation in the development and take up of 5G can be found at

The Int5Gent presentation can be downloaded here: