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Successful first review meeting for the PHOENIX Research and Innovation Action on existing buildings’ smartness upgrade

The PHOENIX Consortium had its first successful virtual review meeting on the 19th of May, with the purpose to present the main results achieved in the first 18 months of the project. In a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, the Consortium showcased the progress and the main achievements as these have occurred during the first 18 months of the project. In return, the EU Project Officer acknowledged the outstanding work carried out and provided advice for future improvements giving the PHOENIX partners the green light to proceed towards the second part of the project!

The aspiration of PHOENIX project is to change the role of buildings from unorganized energy consumers to active agents orchestrating and optimizing their energy consumption, production and storage, with the goal of increasing energy performance, maximizing occupants benefit, and facilitating grid operation.

In particular, PHOENIX will design a portfolio of ICT solutions covering all aspects from hardware and software upgrades needed in legacy equipment and optimal deployment of sensors, to data analytics and services for both building users and energy utilities. PHOENIX will take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, as well as edge/cloud computing methods, to provide the highest level of smartness to existing buildings. These improvements will translate in human-centric new services for building users and an improvement on both execution of grid operations and data sharing.

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