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UBITECH’s Thanassis Giannetsos talks about the adoption of dynamic trust assurances for CCAM sustainability at 2022 Security & Trust Summit


Dr Thanassis Giannetsos, Head of UBITECH’s Digital Security & Trusted Computing Research Group, has been invited by Huawei Germany to give a talk about the “Roadmap Towards Adoption of Dynamic Trust Assurances for Sustainability in CCAM” at the 2022 Security & Trust Summit organized by the multinational technology corporation Huawei. The 2022 Security & Trust Summit along with the co-located System Security Workshop will be held hybrid on 2 to 4 November 2022. The event aims to bring professors and experts from top universities, research institutions and corporations in Europe together to exchange and discuss the latest research in various security domains. Together, we will explore how we can counter current and future security challenges and apply the best security measures available.

In his presentation, Dr Thanassis Giannetsos is diving into the details of trust management and why vehicles need to make dynamic assessments of trust as an enabling factor for the secure communication and data sharing with other CCAM entities (i.e., vehicles, Road-Side Units, etc.) in their vicinity. Combing a vehicle’s systems with information available on the road (from multiple sources) expands the knowledge – on the environment – required for decision making in a trustworthy and efficient way, thus, increasing the safety of the overall CCAM ecosystem.